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Instructor's Schools

Sokol USA previously held Instructor Training Schools for teens and adults interested in teaching Sokol classes. Today Sokol USA members participate in schools run by our sister organization the American Sokol. Participants attend a two-week, all-day intensive program and are trained to instruct gymnastics and other physical fitness activities. There is a strong emphasis on safety and spotting, as well as the responsibilities associated with becoming an instructor.

Participants are taught how to read and write Sokol terminology, which is used to write calisthenics and apparatus routines. Sokol history, Czechoslovak and Sokol songs and folk dancing are part of the curriculum, as are marching and games. Sokol Schools have produced many excellent instructors and Sokol leaders over the years. Most attendees develop lifelong friendships at Sokol School and have fond memories of their days at “Kurz” (school).

In 2013 Sokol USA began holding Weekend Instructor Schools in conjunction with the American Sokol School Staff. This program offers 18 hours of instruction focusing mainly on spotting and progressions, but also offers a brief overview of other classes and lectures covered in depth at a two-week Instructor School. It is an excellent introduction for young instructors, a good review for long-time instructors and an excellent opportunity for those adult instructors who are unable to attend a two-week school.