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“Break through, jump over, but do not crawl under.”

XXXVI Convention
of the Slovak Gymnastic Union
Sokol of the USA

August 6-8th 2021 in West Middlesex, PA

Postponed (due to the Pandemic)


Supreme Lodge Officers 2018-2021

Fraternal Secretary & CFO
Ed Bohon

Recording Secretary
Kristin Merker Greenberg

Financial Trustees Member
Michael Cunningham

Financial Trustees Member
John Kennedy

Co-Director of Sports Fitness & Wellness
Chris Yatchyshyn

Fraternal Activities Chair
Nancy Shurina

President Emeritus
Beatrice Walko

Vice President
Scott Pracko

Financial Trustees Chair
John Kamenitsky

Financial Trustees Member
Debbie Golden

Financial Trustees Member
Jeff Richter

C0-Director of Sports Fitness & Wellness
Todd Yatchyshyn

Secretary Emeritus
Milan Kovac


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