Lodge 12

Lodge 12 has not had a physical home since 1968, when our once-beautiful building in Newark was sold.  Since then, we have been able to maintain a gymnastics program for 53 years of homelessness by renting time and/or space in a series of gymnastics clubs that became available when we needed to move out of one.  Our lodge meetings have been held in church meeting rooms, at various members’ homes, and most recently via Zoom.  Because we have no home building, we have identified ourselves as “Lodge 12 Central Jersey” for many years.

Lodge 30

We were founded on November 12, 1902, when Lodge 30 was admitted to Gymnastic Slovak Union Sokol. On June 25, 1913 Lodge 30 was admitted to Slovak Gymnastics Union Sokol. We are located on Candlewood Lake in Brookfield, Connecticut.


”Celebrating our 120th Year!”